Friday, September 5, 2008

Ringling College of Art and Design

So i moved into Ringling College of Art and design 2 weeks ago and i love it here. There is so much to learn it's almost overwellming. I already have like 10 books in my room from the libary. Plus who can't enjoy these brand new Macbook pro :-D, about art work i got a 5 on my AP 2-D Portfolio and a 3 on AP Drawing.i will post artwork when i start making them. I hope to paint this weekend a painting in oil, i will post when done. Fews starts the 21st of sem and i can't wait. Seens last year i have been waiting to fews to start again. The work load here has been ok for me i have been busy everyday with homework and hope to get more to learn more lol. I love learning, i have never been so excited about learning in my life. Anyways i will post in like a week or so ttyl everyone.