Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Evening of Excellence 2008 dinner was awesome the dinner was really good and all the artwork was really great. I had my own table with both of my peaices and 3 magazines took my pictures i don't know which ones or if they are going to use me but it was really fun.I sold both peaices for $1600 each yaa i know im a Philanthopist now lol bc i didn't get to keep any of it but im possibly gonna get the Evening of Excellence Scholarships but other then that i got $250 that night from the Zonia i think. Well til the next show which is the Bookers Black and White show im thinking about putting a ink drawing of my school or a Historic landscape here in Sarasota. I will post when done!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb 17(My 18th Birthday)

Well i had a good birthday weekend and on my birthday i check the newspaper and i was in the newspaper for getting in this Evening of Excellence show and they took my picture and put it in the newspaper with 23 other kids so i had a good birthday here is the link of the full page image in the Sarasota newspaper!! Click Here
Also here are the 2 images that got into the show!


Well i have been going to figure class for about 3 weeks so far and here is my progress!!! 1st one was week one 2nd one was week 2 and 3rd and 4th one are weeks 3!!

i had fun with this, it's a cubism style and it's finished and i think im going to do another one in oil
Piano Man (in progress)
So this is a huge painting im doing lol i don't know why im working so big but it's fun i used crazy colors for this guy i will put the finish picture when it's done


Well sorry i havn't put up any work but i will be alot in the next 3 months so here it comes!!